CLS January 2019 Meeting

From January 20, 2019 2:00 pm until January 20, 2019 3:30 pm
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Speaker and Program

rusty wesselRusty Wessel speaks on "Collecting in Central America" which will feature photos and video of the livebearers from primarily Mexico and Guatemala.

Our speaker, Rusy Wessel, will be donating some rare livebearers which we will save for our meeting auction:

  • Xiphophorus helleri "Rio Otapa, MX"
  • Xiphophorus clemencia "Carolina, MX"
  • Xiphophorus kalmani "Catemaco, MX"
  • Poecilia mexicana "Mizo Ha, MX"
  • Poecilia salvatores "Pasa Bien Guat"
  • Wild platy "Izabal Guat"
  • Phallicthys fairweatheri "Izabal Guat"

About the speaker

Rusty Wessel resides in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, where he maintains over 11,300 liters (3,000 gallons) of freshwater aquariums. He is interested in cichlids, livebearers and more.

Rusty has taken his hobby to a point where he has successfully collected fish from the countries of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, from 1983 to the present, for a total of 26 trips to this date.

Rusty is as well a prolific author and photographer, and his writings or photographs have appeared in wide distribution specialized and prestigious publications, like Aquarium Fish Magazine, Aquarist & Pondkeeper, Buntbarsche bulletin, Cichlid News, Ad Konings' Cichlids yearbooks, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium and Tropical Fish Hobbyist.

He is currently the treasurer for the Louisville Tropical Fish fanciers.

Donations for our Table

The primary method we use to raise funds is through sales at the GCCA Swap Meet. We need your donations of fish and other goods to help raise money for the club. Please bring your items to the swap and the earlier the better!