CLS April 2019 Meeting

From April 28, 2019 2:00 pm until April 28, 2019 3:30 pm
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Pat Hartman speaks on "A Rookie Goes to Mexico, Part II"


Pat’s Talk “A Rookie Goes to Mexico Part II, the NAGWG Goodeid Study Tour 2017” will be a recap of this trip including sampling of fish at 7-8 native habitats, visit the famed Fish Ark in Morelia, and learn about the Reintroduction effort with Zoogoneticus tequila at Teuchitlan Springs, plus some cultural education and Pat’s personal observations along the way.

About the Speaker

Pat Hartman has been keeping fish for over 45 years. Although not a founding member, he has been a member of the Southwestern Michigan Aquarium Society (SWMAS) in Kalamazoo, MI since early 1979, and is active with the Grand Valley Aquarium Club (GVAC) in Grand Rapids, MI. In the early 1980’s he developed a special interest in livebearing fishes, and rapidly became involved with the American Livebearer Association (ALA) where he served in various capacities including Chairman.

Pat has been involved in most every aspect of the ALA, having won several major Show Awards at the ALA Conventions, participates in the Species Maintenance Program, serves as auctioneer, and has successfully bred over 170 species of livebearers in the ALA Breeder’s Award Program. Pat was also instrumental in the formation of the ALA Vern Parish Fund (VPF) where he served as Co-Chairman from 1996-2007. Currently he is Co-Chair of the ALA Graduate Student Poster Session (GPS) and back as Co-Chair of the VPF. Today he specializes almost exclusively in wild species of Livebearers. Pat was honored by being named “Fellow of the ALA” in 2006.

Pat is also active with the North American Goodeid Working Group (NAGWG), and finally made his first trip to Mexico in Nov 2014 for the 4th International Symposium on Viviparous Fishes, along with the GWG Meeting, visit to the Fish Ark, and Collecting Goodeids in the Wild. He made his second trip to Mexico in February 2017 as a part of the first ever NAGWG Goodeid Study Tour, and a third trip to Guadalajara as an invited Speaker at the GWG 2nd International Convention.

Donations for our Table

The primary method we use to raise funds is through sales at the GCCA Swap Meet. We need your donations of fish and other goods to help raise money for the club. Please bring your items to the swap and the earlier the better!