While we are still in the formation stage, it is hoped to roll out the following programs:

Breeders Award Program (BAP)

The Breeder's Award Program recognizes member achievements in breeding various livebearing fish. The BAP objectives are:

  1. To learn to breed livebearers and further one's interest activity and knowledge in the hobby;
  2. To accumulate points at each level, as outlined below, and receive a plaque commemorating the achievement;
  3. To succeed in becoming a Master Breeder, as defined below, entitling the member to receive a lifetime membership in the Chicago Livebearer Society.

Point System

We haven't set point levels yet. Two different systems are typically used:

  • One point per spawn
  • Varying points per spawn

When the group officially forms, we will choose the system used.

Rick Borstein's Observation: I greatly prefer the single point system. It makes record keeping easier and helps to avoid disputes.

Eligible Spawns

Another topic that needs to be considered is what does a member have to turn in to count as a spawn?

My initial suggestion to the group is:

  • Six (6) fry at least two months old
  • Must know the species of the fish
  • Location varieties may count as an additional spawn
  • Color or fin varieties (e.g. line bred fish) do not count as additional spawns

Award Levels

As members turn in additional fish, they reach various goals and are awarded with certificates.

10 Points - Beginner
20 Points - Advanced
35 Points - Expert
50 Points - Master

Additional levels could be added.