The Chicago Livebearer Society is happy to report that our recent Rare Livebearer Auction enabled us to make a substantial donation of $3000 to the American Livebearer Association's North American Goodeid Working Group (NAGWG).

The NAGWG works on habitat conservation and species maintenance and helps to fund the Fish Ark in Morelia, MX at the University de Mihoacan.

2023 Rare Livebearer Auction raises funds

CLS's fund-raising aucton featured over 250 lots of fish, plants and other items. There was a huge variety of livebearers and even a few non-livebearers.

Forty-two bidders from all over the USA particpated in the opportunity to bid and buy rare livebearers. One bidder traveled from NYC to obtain rare goodeids.

Thanks for the donations!

Many thanks to Patrick MIller, Bob and Theresa Sturfield, Stephan Hopman, Mike Hellweg, Chuck Bremer, Andy Piorkowski, Mike Schadle and many others who helped run the auction and donate fish.

We probably missed some folks, so apologies in advance . . .

We received donations from Imperial Tropicals (Discount Coupons for their website), KJE Aquatics, Select Aquatics, Cobalt, Sera and Swiss Tropicals. We had some great goodie bags which generated good revenue for us.