For many years, I have used clear 8 quart Rubbermaid 6308 polycarbonate containers as fry tanks. They are durable and last for many years.

These tanks are great for many reasons:

  • Unbreakable− they bounce right off a concrete floor
  • Dishwasher Safe− So you can sterilize them
  • Clear− so you can see your fry
  • Smooth Inside− so that fry are not damaged when you pour them into a new tank for growout
  • Optional Lid− to prevent jumpers and keep heat in

Visitors to my fishroom often ask where I buy them. In the past, I have found them at Sam's Club, but when I recently visited the store I found that they no longer carried them.

Fortunately, I found these conatiners online at where they currently go for $10.50 each. The optional lid is $3.39 additional.

The site also offers very similar containers from other brands like Cambro and Carlisle which are cheaper and should perform similarly.

Rubbermaid 6308 Container