Club Programs

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While we are still in the formation stage, it is hoped to roll out the following programs:

Breeders Award Program (BAP)

The Breeder's Award Program recognizes member achievements in breeding various livebearing fish. The BAP objectives are:

  1. To learn to breed livebearers and further one's interest activity and knowledge in the hobby;
  2. To accumulate points at each level, as outlined below, and receive a plaque commemorating the achievement;
  3. To succeed in becoming a Master Breeder, as defined below, entitling the member to receive a lifetime membership in the Chicago Livebearer Society.

Point System

We haven't set point levels yet. Two different systems are typically used:

When the group officially forms, we will choose the system used.

Rick Borstein's Observation: I greatly prefer the single point system. It makes record keeping easier and helps to avoid disputes.

Eligible Spawns

Another topic that needs to be considered is what does a member have to turn in to count as a spawn?

My initial suggestion to the group is:

Award Levels

As members turn in additional fish, they reach various goals and are awarded with certificates.

10 Points - Beginner
20 Points - Advanced
35 Points - Expert
50 Points - Master

Additional levels could be added.