Thanks Rusty! Thanks Goliad!

If you missed our April meeting, you missed some great fish and a great talk from speaker Rusty Wessel.

Goliad Fish Farms is a business owned by Charles Clapsaddle who is a board member of the American Livebearer Association. Charles was nice enough to donate two boxes of fish to our club including several types of rare wild mollies, plants and cherry shrimp.

Our speaker, Rusty Wessel, not only delivered a great talk, but he also brought several types of wild Mexican swordtails and other fish. It's very challenging to find these fish in the hobby!

Our club is up to 27 members and due to the donations from Rusty and Goliad Fish Farms, our treasury is in great shape.

Picking up fish at Midway Airport Cargo

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September Meeting and Swap Highlights

Whew! We had a great day at the GCCA Swap Meet and our meeting afterwards. The goal of the day was to raise money to get the club going and to have our second meeting.

Mission accomplished!

We raised almost $350 at the swap meet with the help of donations from manufacturers, members and Derek Walker, our speaker at the meeting.

At our meeting, Derek gave a great talk on CARES and the need for conservation as many of our favorite livebearers in Mexico are severely threatened.

In the business portion of the meeting, we formally passed our constitution and bylaws and elected an Executive Board. We also set dues for the club at $10 per individual and collected dues from 14 people.

So, we've got a good start. I'd like to thank Mike Schadle for auctioning at the meeting (always awesome). I also would like to thank the folks who stepped up to join the executive board:

  • Mark Schmidt - Vice President
  • John Sobel - Secretary
  • Jason Libasci - Treasurer

We're thinking of booking our next meeting after the next GCCA Swap Meet on December 4th. Stay tuned!

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