Covid-safe Parking Lot Bag Swap

Swap bags of livebearers and have fun!

CLS will hold a parking lot bag swap on Saturday, August 15th at 11:30AM.

Marriott Hoffman Estates
4800 Hoffman Boulevard
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

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CLS is holding a Bag Swap in the east parking lot of the Marriott Hotel in Hoffman Estates, IL

Bring up to six bags of livebearers (no more than two bags per species) and receive a raffle ticket for each bag. Please bring pairs or groups only.

‍‍Raffle numbers will be called in random order. When your name is called, you can choose a bag from what is available!

‍This is a great way to move out some fish and bring home some new ones!

‍Bring your BAP fish! You can Download the BAP Form PDF here.

Social Distance, Please!

Please practice social distancing. We insist that you wear a mask and maintain distance from other individuals.

Bag Swap Rules

  1. The event takes place rain or shine outside in the hotel parking lot.
  2. Only CLS paid members may participate.
  3. Limit of six bags total, no more than two per species.
  4. Pairs or groups of juveniles only. No single fish, please.
  5. Please bring desirable species only.
  6. You will receive a raffle ticket for each bag you bring.
  7. Raffle tickets will be randomly selected. If your number is called, you can choose any bag from a designated table.
  8. Please wear masks and maintain social distance. Hand sanitizer will be available.
  9. CLS personnel handling tickets will wear gloves and masks.


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Return your Stealth Heaters

In case you haven't heard, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has recently ordered the recall Marineland's Stealth series of heaters.

The Stealth heaters are pretty easy to identify...  they are black plastic.

I've heard from hobbyists that have had heaters explode and cause damage to tanks. The plastic sheath of the heater will distort and crack allowing water to come into contact rapidly with the heating element. In my case, a "zit" appeared on the side of the heater and when I put my hand in the water I received a shock.

I had four, 25 watt Stealth heaters to exchange.

Fortunately, the exchange process is pretty easy.

Last week, I called Marineland at 800-338-4896. You'll need to know the model number of the heaters and the wattage of the heaters. You can find the model numbers in the official Marineland Recall Notice.

The call took about ten minutes and the agent on the line was very pleasant.

I was very pleased to yesterday when I received four, brand new Visitherm glass heaters which are definitely superior.


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Inaugural Meeting

The Chicago Livebearer Society's initial meeting will be on Friday, June 3rd.

We hope all tri-state area livebearer hobbyists will join us to here Ted Coletti of Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine speak on the topic "Livebearers Unlimited".

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