Free Goodeid Webinar on Sunday, May 3rd at 6PM

Andy Piorkowski presents "Goodeids: History, Husbandry & More"

Sunday, May 3rd | 6PM Central Time

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About the webinar

The talk will focus on Goodeids, a group of about 40 mostly endangered livebearers from the highlands of Mexico. Unlike other livebearers, goodeids can be challenging to keep and breed.

Andy Piorkowski is an active member of the Chicago Livebearer Society. He is well known for his active Goodeid YouTube Channel which has almost 2500 subscribers.

From Andy

"I'm a scientist by profession, chemistry & microbiology. Having always loved animals that swim, I got my start in the hobby with turtles almost 30 years ago but eventually shifted focus to fish keeping. A lifelong love of learning and the natural world brought me here to where I am today."

2020 05 03 Piorkowksi

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