CLS January 2020 Meeting

From 01/12/20 2:00 pm until 01/12/20 3:30 pm
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Speaker and Program

greg sageGreg Sage speaks on ""Having Success With Livebearers: Specifics of Livebearer Husbandry".

With many photos and short videos, it is discussed why many that have kept some types of fish for many years successfully have trouble with livebearers. Tank set up, Filtration, Plants, Foods, breeding and the 3 periods of acclimation the fish go through are discussed. As well, differences between species are covered, including comparisons of temperature and food requirements.

From information provided at this website, customers have sent beautiful pictures of their tanks to show how these guidelines result in very attractive tanks, and some are included. As well, the most common diseases, treatments and medications to have on hand are also discussed.

About the speaker

TBD- We're working on it!

Donations for our Table

The primary method we use to raise funds is through sales at the GCCA Swap Meet. We need your donations of fish and other goods to help raise money for the club. Please bring your items to the swap and the earlier the better!