Free Webinar: Richard Nguyen

Free Webinar: Richard Nguyen speaks on "Fancy Livebearers"

Richard will speak on "Breeding the Fancy Livebearer, the potential of breeding Xiphophorin fishes (fishes in Xiphophorus genus)".

Join the webinar a few minutes before 7PM Central Time on Sunday, May 2nd at the URL below:

About the speaker

Richard Nguyen is a Research Assistant at the Yale University School of Medicine.

I started keeping fish when I was 5 years old when I captured some wild caught guppies in a paddie grain field near my house in South Vietnam. While my interest in the hobby grew, I enjoyed travelling several miles riding my bike on weekend mornings either to catch fishes or socialize at local pet stores hoping to learn anything about fishes, especially tropical ones. By highschool, I was in love with basic genetics, but there was not much more than looking into Mendelian law since I still resided in Vietnam.

In 2010, I moved to the USA. I was able to obtain some small tanks to refresh my hobby with Endlers. At about the same time, I found a picture of a Sanke swordtail on Internet which interested me and I still I cannot trace down its origin. However, that single picture fed my mind to dedicate all of my spare time to seek a solution to recreate it.

After nine years of thinking about this fish, learning what I could, and working hard to recreate it, I haven't yet accomplished my dream. However, I have learned many important things around this hobby.

Event Information

Event Date 05-02-2021 7:00 pm
Event End Date 05-02-2021 8:15 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price Free