CLS September Meeting

2021 09 26 Grimes R2

CLS meets at 2PM right after the GCCA Swap Meet.

Marriott Hoffman Estates
4800 Hoffman Boulevard
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

Charlie Grimes presents "Livebearers Show and Tell"

About the Speaker

I got my first fish tank when I was twelve or thirteen years old. It was a 12+ gallon tank that I made from an old gasoline pump cylinder.

Shortly after 'cutting my teeth' on some Mollies and Zebra Danios, I added my first cichlids, two Angelfish, two Green Severums, and two Festivums.

As the cichlids, I had to give away the Festivums and Sevrums

Within six months, my quarter sized Angelfish had body size a lot bigger than a silver dollar and erased any doubt that Angelfish are true cichlids-------they ate all of the Molly fry and then all of the Zebra Danios.

I learned three things during my first year of fish keeping:

  1. I really like keeping fish
  2. By and large, it is cichlids nature to eat fish if given the opportunity

By the way, I'm now 80 years old and I still like keeping fish.

Except for my college years, I have always kept tropical fish, and, I have never been without cichlids, live bearers, tetras, and or barbs.

Our home has a 600 square foot fishroom that I added onto the existing house.

I currently have over 70 tasks operating in my fishroom( I've had more, a lot more(over 200) but that was just too much fish fun!!!

For me, (age is a great compromiser), I’m thinking 70 is a good number; enough for both fun and projects, but not so many as to become burdensome.

I have collected Native Fishes in all but five states east of the Mississippi, collected in Mexico and three different times in Brazil.

I'm pretty sure this is bragging, but YOU asked for a biography---- I have had over 450 species and/or varieties of fish spawn in my fish rooms.

Having fish spawn in my tanks is a big deal for me.

Just about the only thing I like better than tropical fish is hanging around with aquarium fish people, which includes fish meetings, auctions, workshops, and conventions.

Covid Notice: Masks Required

Illinois currently has a mask mandate which means that you must wear a mask for indoor gatherings.

Mask Mandate

Donations for our Table

The primary way we raise money for our club is through table sales at the GCCA Swap Meet. Please bring your donation fish to our table as early as possible.

This helps us raise money for the club to present programming to you!

Please bring your BAP fish as usual, but make sure you bring a filled out BAP form with you. 

Event Information

Event Date 09-26-2021 1:30 pm
Event End Date 09-26-2021 3:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price Free
Location Marriott Hoffman Estates

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