Limia perugiae Male

Common Name:  Perugia's Limia

Synonyms: Poecilia perugiae

Meaning of Name

Genus- Limia = Muddy River

Species- perugiae= Honorific for Italian ichthyologist Albert Perugia


Limia perugiae is a livebearing fish from the Dominican Republic. Males are polymorphic showing a variety of irridescent colors with a yellow caudal fin edged in black and a black dorsal fin.

Female coloration is tan to golden.

Limia perugiae is an active fish which tends to occupy the upper part of the water column. They are a delight to watch swimming and will rush to the front of the tank at feeding time. They are so active, in fact, that it is really difficult to get a good picture of the males which court relentlessly. Apologies for the somewhat blurry picture above which is a frame from a cell phone video.

In 2018, I brought one large male to show in at the ALA Convention and won Best in Show for Wild Livebearers! All of my fish are descendants of this "great grandad" and are still great looking. I distribute these locally at Chicago Livebearer Society meetings regularly.


This fish is found in the Dominican Republic in streams.

Size, Maturity, and Sexual Dimorphism

Size: Males- 1.75 to 2 inches, Females 2.5 inches
Maturity: 1.5 inch
Sexual Dimorphism: Males are more colorful and have a gonopodium.


Limia perugiae is easy to keep. I keep several colonies in my fishroom. A ten gallon tank with some floating plants is my main breeding tank. At times, I have had 50+ adults and fry in this tank. I also keep cichlids and have found that Limia perugiae is a very good dither fish for shy cichlids. I keep them with West African dwarf cichlids and smaller Tanganyikan sand dwellers.

They seem to do best at warm temperatures between 75F and 82F. My water is very hard and they seem to like it!

My main breeding tank is ten gallons, has a substrate of red flint gravel, and has about three inches of guppy grass (Najas guadalupensis) which provides a hiding place for the fry. Filtration is provided by a 4-inch SwissTropical Cubefilter. Limia prefer warm water, so tank temperatures of 75F to 82F work well, although they can handle it cooler down to 68F without difficulties.  My fishroom is typically 75F to 77F and is heated cetnerally.


In the wild, Limia perugiae are omnivorous. In the aquarium, they readily accept just about any type of flake food. 


I've had Limia perugiae so long that I don't recall how I obtained them! Breeding this fish is easy. Just provide warm water and some plants for cover. 

In my experience, Limia perugiae do not eat their fry. My main breeding tank is generally packed with fry. 

Male court females aggressively. Females become very gravid. According to Fishbase, gestation is 24 days.

Babies do not require any special care. They are able to eat finely crushed flake immediately


Limia perugiae is a great looking fish which is active and easy to keep. They make great dither fish for cichlids and are adaptable, hardy fish.

Limia perugiae Female